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United Way of West Tennessee
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Financial Accountability
Every United Way is independently governed by a local volunteer board, in order to best meet our local needs and opportunities. We must, however, adhere to a stringent set of membership standards that focus on governance, ethics, financial management, and general operations.
As an investor, you should view United Way as a key strategic partner in achieving your philanthropic aspirations. United Way can connect your aspirations to need and opportunity. Whether your interest is youth development, services that assist people with physical disabilities or the work of a single non-profit organization, United Way has the capacity and breadth to make your investment more powerful.
Through United Way, you get the scale and capacity of a $5 billion global enterprise – recognized by 98% of all Americans – but organized and operated at a community level, making it accessible to you. We’re big and we’re small at the same time. United Way is the largest private-sector investor in human need and development.
The measure of a community is how well it treats those with the least. The health and prosperity of a community begins with how it develops its human capital. Economic success over the long haul is not possible or sustainable without human success. There is no organization more focused or successful as it relates to human success at a community level than United Way.
Our promise to you is that we will invest in the efforts that get the greatest results. We will evaluate and reward results, not just effort. We will govern ourselves at the highest degree of accountability and transparency. And, finally, we pledge to remain one of the most efficient non-profit organizations in the world, working to put the maximum amount of resources into the work that changes peoples’ lives and communities.
There are great non-profit organizations in which to invest. Your investment in United Way is unique because of our ability to mobilize resources, individuals, and institutions in a combined effort. Leveraging our relationships with such a diverse group of players produces greater results for you. When you combine your resources and effort with others you can change entire communities, which in turn produce results for you individually.
Our Accountability to You

In this day of increased competition for charitable gifts, donors’ standards and expectations have never been higher. Rightfully so. United Way of West Tennessee understands the importance of ongoing organizational excellence and accountability.

Below is a copy of United Way of West Tennessee’s most recent audited financial statements. Independent accounting firm Alexander Thompson Arnold PLLCs has presented the audit to the Board of Trustees.

2014-15 Audited Financial Statements

2013 IRS Form 990
2013-14 Audited Financial Statements

2012 IRS Form 990
2012 IRS Form 990 (3 Month Reporting)
2012-13 Audited Financial Statements (15 Months)
*During this year we changed our fiscal year end from December to March.

2011 IRS Form 990
2011 Audited Financial Statements

2010 IRS Form 990
2010 Audited Financial Statements

2009 IRS Form 990
2009 Audited Financial Statements

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